How to Get Your Sugar Daddy to Actually Give You Allowance

The beauty of a relationship with a sugar daddy is you can get what you want - everyone is honest from the beginning. So it's totally okay to talk about money in a sugar relationship!

In order to help you in this regard, we have decided to give you some very helpful tips today.

Sugar Daddy Allowance

  • When you meet your sugar daddy for the first time, you should ask him, "Have you had a previous arrangement?"

    If he says “Yes”, then you keep asking him, "How was the allowance in that arrangement?"

    Then he will naturally tell you about how much money he gave his ex-sugar baby, so you will immediately know how much you can expect from him.

    If he says, “No, I never had a previous arrangement.”

    That's even better, because now this is going to work on your terms (you can get more allowance). Now you say, “So in an arrangement, we should talk about the details first.” (You become the leader of the relationship in a subtle way, so in his subconscious, he respects you more!)

    Naturally, you start to talk about allowance.

  • If somehow he asks you, "How much allowance do you expect?" in the conversation...

    You should be confident and say, "Actually, it really depends on the details of our arrangement. So let's talk about these first."

    Again, you make sure that you set standards, rules and expectations (terms and conditions) on your first date with your sugar daddy, so that you won't waste your time in the long run.

  • Here is a good way to get more allowance:

    When you talk about the details of the arrangement, you need to let your sugar daddy know what you can offer (e.g. how much time you are going to spend with him each week, what activities you will do with him, etc.)

    It would be better if the details described by you are very unique and exciting, because that creates a “gem-stone” effect. When he sees you as a rare woman, he will be willing to give you more allowance.

  • Tell him why you want a sugar relationship and your other expectations.

    Your sugar daddy may want to give you more allowance if you tell him why you are looking for a sugar daddy, because men tend to trust you more when they know your motivations and intentions.

The benefits of a sugar relationship is actually beyond getting allowance, because your sugar daddy's network, connections, mentorship, expertise and influence will save you at least 20 years!