How to Be Respected by Your Sugar Daddy

If you have used sugar daddy dating sites, probably you have noticed that many sugar daddies don't respect sugar babies - they think because they can offer financial support, they don't need to respect women anymore. There is a difference between liking a person and respecting a person, so I'm sure your sugar daddy likes you (otherwise, he wouldn't choose you), yet you may wonder how to make him respect you at the same time. Therefore, I'd like to share some helpful tips with you now.

Dating Sugar Daddy

  • Set the right parameters from the beginning. How you start your sugar relationship is more important than you think, because the beginning of a relationship is the cornerstone of how you are supposed to treat each other. Since your sugar daddy is an experienced, sophisticated and worldly man, he knows how to test your limits from the start. He will see how bad he can be (or how bad you allow him to be), so you should set the right parameters early on. For instance, you can bring up terms and conditions before he mentions those; you can say "I'm impressed" when he does something nice for you (in his subconscious, he will want to impress you even more).
  • If he behaves badly, you must show your standards. If his comment indicates that he looks down upon you, you should tell him, "That's just such a turn-off. The fact that you support me financially doesn't mean I am your doormat. I also offer you the world's most valuable assets: beauty and youth, so I deserve your respect." When he hears this, he will change his behavior because: 1) "That's just such a turn-off" makes him feel like an undesirable man and every man wants to turn women on; 2) Your rationale is very powerful and clear - he will certainly understand that quickly. Now you can see that putting up with his disrespect won't make anything better, but showing your standards will.
  • Display your other qualities besides your physical attractiveness. A high quality sugar daddy looks for a sugar baby who has physical beauty, intelligence, wisdom and pleasant personality. Therefore, if you are able to display your other amazing qualities, you can attract a high quality sugar daddy who genuinely respects you. Of course you shouldn't say "I am intelligent, wise and fun" directly. Instead, when you date a sugar daddy, you should communicate these qualities to him by telling him stories about yourself, e.g. which books you like reading, what hobbies you have, etc.