How To Impress a Sugar Daddy on First Date

first dateToo often, women are confused as to why their first dates tend to go awry when they're sure that they did everything right. But if you want to impress a sugar daddy on a first date, here's what you need to do to ensure that the only reason he didn't call is because he's just not that into you; not because you did any of the following.

Ways to impress sugar daddies on first dates:

1. Listen to him

I can't tell you how many guys tell me that their date never shut up and never once inquired about him and his interests. Ask questions and listen to his answers. If he says he loves surfing, asking about some of the places he hasn't yet surfed but that he'd like to visit. Show him that you're a listener and not a woman who simply waits to.

2. Don't tell him your life story

Sure, it's possible that your life is incredibly interesting and perhaps you've traveled the world twice, but a first date is not a time to reveal everything about yourself. Show me an open book and I'll show you a book that no one is reading. Share some anecdotes and give him a glimpse into what you're like, but do not, under any circumstances reveal your insecurities or everything that makes you tick.

3. Laugh

Unless your date doesn't have a sense of humor, there's no reason for you not to relax and share a laugh or two. Don't be so uppity and give in to your silly side during a first date. Sugar daddy love a sugar baby who is happy and outgoing, and isn't afraid to laugh out loud when the moment calls for it. Just don't snort; guys don't think that's cute.

4. Avoid complaining

Maybe you were stuck in traffic and maybe your cat coughed up a hairball on the dress you wanted to wear, but showing him the "complaining" side of yourself on a first date won't likely score you any points. Even if he's complaining about things (which will likely turn you off anyway), try to avoid giving in to the negative side of your life and try to maintain an upbeat air about yourself.

5. If you want sugar daddy to look in your eyes more often than your chest, don't expose too much of your body; if you want this to last longer, you have plenty of time to wow him with your physicality. Focus on the world around you, not the people in it. Gossip is something you should save for your girlfriends.

First date makes an impression So you've done it; you've managed to impress him on this first date; now all you have to do is let him know you're interested and wait for him to make the move for date number two.