New way to pay university fees: Increasing number of Australian university students signing up for a sugar daddy!

sugar babiesAre you still burdened with mounting HECS debt? Working several part-time jobs, but only to find the living cost is still too high, and you can hardly get by? Worse still, now the job outlook is bleak, and the future of many professions seem unstable. Making an investment in education does not necessarily guarantee a good job and bright future anymore.

However, most Australian university students have found a new way to solve all these problems - signing up for service provided on sugar daddy australia, to find a sugar daddy who would like to seek mutually beneficial relationship and arrangements.

Please don't smirk, wave your hand and think it is some crazy American stuff. Because statistics show that students across Australian universities who signed up for sugar daddy have increased by 35 per cent over the past year. More than 150 students at Griffith Gold Coast campus have registered as sugar babies, while the number of Bond University has increased to 100 from 21. The university of Sydney has 200 sugar babies (the top 1 in the country), the Australian National University 92, and the University of Melbourne 72. Believe or not, even the Australian Catholic University has 69 registered sugar babies. In Sydney alone, at least 15,000 sugar babies are seeking a relationship with cashed-up sugar daddies online, while the counterparts may exceed 900. In Melbourne, 9620 sugar babies with 780 counterparts. And in Queensland, 7862 sugar babies, with 805 counterparts.

Statistics don't lie. Giving it a second thought, you will soon understand the motives behind it. Why hope for a financial aid when you can simply secure it with a Sugar Daddy? Student loans may lead to endless debt, which may put a new graduate in great trouble when it amounts to a large sum. With hundreds of thousands of sugar daddies currently living across Australia, they are giving out $5,000 to $50,000 allowance per month or even offering to pay off university debts for their babies. The so-called Sugar Scholarships surely provides the best and real solutions to the problem.

One subscribed God Member of the site, who wanted to be known as Natalia, 24, told a local press that she was dating and in relationship with a sugar daddy she met online for 5 years. "I was attracted to the site simply because I wanted to change my circle of friends - to meet better class of people," she said, "A sugar daddy, as it defines at the site, is someone respectful and generous. Someone that is brutally honest about his desires and expectations. It strikes me how lonely people are in today's world. Their everyday life is packed with all business travels and meetings, and sometimes, they just want to make friends with people outside of business circles."

We cannot deny that the concept may seem a little bit mercenary. And the dating website encourages relationship of mutual superficiality. Both the sugar babies and sugar daddies appear to seek nothing but sweet, in which one member is interested in money and the other in youthful beauty.

But usually, the truth really hurts a lot. The previous government encouraged young adults from underprivileged backgrounds to go to universities without putting too much practical thought into how this would work in reality. Today's university students graduate have to work to support themselves while they study full time, which can definitely be a serious distraction from studying for many. And the massive debts can reach as high as $45,000, which still needs paying back somehow. Many people who are far more intelligent and innovative than people coming from advantageous backgrounds, are often let down by the cruel fact they happened to be born into an environment where everything was stacked against them even before they were even born.

So, very naturally, for those university students, dating a Sugar Daddy may just be an attractive option and once-and-for-all solution. As the debate getting heated, you might just need to sign up, give it a try, and then have your own objective opinion!