What does Man Drought Mean to Australian Sugar Babies

Recently the news in the mainstream media says there is a real man drought in Australia: It is reported that Australia has 100,000 more women than men. According to News.com.au, man drought is in every major Australian city because more and more Australian men are moving to America and Europe for better career opportunities. That means the competition amongst Australian women is increasingly stiff. So, what does that mean to Australian sugar babies and what should sugar babies do in order to be successful in the sugar bowl and in life?

Looking for Sugar Daddy Australia

  • Have a broader goal. Don't limit your goal to "I want a sugar daddy". That mindset is right if you live in America where the population is big. In contrast, your goal should be tailored based on the reality in Australia - Instead of "I need a sugar daddy", a more suitable goal is "I'm looking for a sugar daddy or a rich husband." In other words, when you meet rich men who aren't sugar daddies, don't ignore them. Instead, you can also date these wealthy men because even though they aren't into the sugar lifestyle, one of them can probably become your future husband who will take care of you forever. Because in Australia there aren't many millionaire men now, you'd better adjust your goal accordingly.
  • Proactively look for sugar daddies and rich men via URL and IRL. Apart from joining sugar daddy dating sites, you also need to pay attention in real life - if you want to meet wealthy men, where are these men? Go to places where millionaires hang out. Of course, you know successful men are in high-rise buildings in the CBD area because they are CEOs, lawyers and politicians, but even if you enter those office buildings, these powerful men aren't there to socialise with you. Therefore, you must figure out which situations include rich men who are in social mode. Yes, they go to upscale social events! So, you should be there, too!
  • Go to the best concerts. The best occasion to meet rich men who have the potential to be your sugar daddy or future husband is a classy concert, because you can dress up like a real princess in these white tie situations. That's how you display your attractiveness to the largest degree. Meanwhile, wealthy men who go to concerts are in social mode - they expect to meet hot women like you. An even better approach is to book a ticket which not only reserves the best seat at the concert but also allows you to join the pre-concert party. In fact, the pre-concert party is the best time to meet millionaire men effectively - at the pre-concert party, the famous singer hasn't appeared yet, so nobody can get more attention than you do if you dress up really well. Don't forget to wear a conversation starter, i.e. a fabulous circlet or a gorgeous dress - rich men will approach you if you look truly sexy. And it's easier for them to talk to you first by saying, "That's a beautiful circlet." Remember: Concerts are a great filter which attracts successful men to the elegant environment. Meanwhile, most single women and poor men can't afford to attend pre-concert parties, so you'll meet more rich men without a lot of competition. Hence, everything is supporting you to be successful.
  • How to get strangers to pay for your tickets. Now maybe you are wondering, "How can I afford to buy tickets for these concerts?" Well, if you can't afford those, there is a solution: You can go to Craigslist or Gumtree and visit its sales section. Click on "free" and you'll see many things that are free to get (chairs, bookshelves, etc.) Make sure you get those freebies and sell them on Facebook Marketplace! If your car is relatively big, you can simply drive your car to pick up those freebies. Otherwise, don't feel embarrassed while carrying a chair by bus - others' opinions are not important. You can easily sell each item for $30 or $40 on Facebook Marketplace and accumulate $800 in a month or two.

Do you like these ideas? Don't forget to try these tips now so that your assets (beauty and youth) will bring you wealth and happiness.