What to Do When Your Sugar Daddy Ditches You

Uncertainty is the only certain thing in life. So you never know how long your sugar relationship is going to last. Honestly, if you rely on your sugar daddy financially, life can be difficult when he ditches you. Therefore, this article shows you what to do when your sugar daddy ends the relationship. I encourage you to read this article carefully, even if you are still looking for a sugar daddy.

Lonely Sugar Baby

  • Lower your risk early on. In reality, you can't completely depend on your sugar daddy financially, because things can change. You can't predict when he will leave you forever. Therefore, a smart sugar baby always has other options, e.g. having a job, having other sugar daddies at the same time, etc. Remember, the more options you have, the lower your risk becomes. Hence, if a sugar daddy ditches you, you can easily count on other income sources.
  • Make the most of your sugar daddy's connections. When you are seeing your sugar daddy, he may introduce you to his powerful friends. Remember: your network is your net worth. One big factor which contributes to your sugar daddy's success is his powerful network. So as a clever sugar baby, you should totally meet his friends when you are with him. As a result, even if your sugar daddy ditches you, you can still catch up with his friends who may become your future sugar daddies. Or they might help you with your career in the long run. You may ask, "What if my sugar daddy doesn't want his friends to know me?" This problem can be solved early in the sugar relationship - at the very beginning, you can clearly tell your sugar daddy that you won't let anyone know about your sugar daddy relationship, even if his friends see you at some events. If his friends meet you, your sugar daddy can say you are just a friend.
  • Let your sugar daddy be your mentor. When you are still with your sugar daddy, you should learn from him because he has so much to offer: expertise, experience, knowledge and skills. Apart from financial support, he should help you with your career by mentoring you. If you have learned enough knowledge and skills from your sugar daddy, you may even want to ditch him in the end, because a switched on sugar baby is an empowered and ambitious sugar baby.